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Owned and operated by the Jacksons, The Covered Wagon has been in the Family for almost three generations. 

In 2009 The Covered Wagon suffered a loss with the original building burning down due to an electrical fire. The Jackson family didn't let this stop them however. Shortly after the fire, they rebuilt Saloon about 150 yards away from its original location. The old location was cleared away, with a Veterans Memorial put in its place. 

The new location was built with updated amenities and a rustic feel. Even though it is a bar, it almost feels as if you were at home in a log cabin.

Rick 'Charlie' Jackson, Owner / Operator

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Covered Wagon Saloon & R.V. Park

3441 Hwy 26

Irwin, ID 83428


Daytime Phone: 208-483-2027

After Hours Phone: 208-483-2005

Cell Phone: 208-805-6046

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Saloon & R.V. Park

3441 Hwy 26

Irwin, Id 83428

Tel: 208-483-2027

Open from 1pm to close

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